👋 Hey, I’m Kenny
A designer in London currently working on product @ TransferWise
Apartment List
Project Tron
Project Tron was a new approach to viewing apartment listings in a fast and easy way.
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Apartment List
Misc. Projects
Various projects I've worked on throughout my time at Apartment List
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Apartment List
Design System
Evolving our cross-platform design system as we roll out a marketing and product brand refresh
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Gliffy Project
A Communication tool for teams.
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Product Design
A collection of projects spanning two years.
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Charity Donation Platform
Redesigned the iOS app from the ground up — from user profiles to landing screen content.
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Worlds Best
Luxury E-Commerce Site
Worlds Best to rethink how an e-commerce site could sell the most luxurious products on earth
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Hey There Lottie, Let’s Go Party - 2019
Putting Design Principles into Practice - 2018
Computer Arts Magazine - 2017
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials - 2017
Designing for mobile. - 2016
An Unsolicited App Redesign: Yelp - 2015